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KB Chiropractic Center

With offices in both Hudson and Kingston, New York, we have dedicated our practices to helping each patient meet their health goals for the past six years. Dr. Keri Bunbury and Dr. Brandon Manson are skilled in the traditional principles of chiropractic care and committed to creating wellness naturally, by strengthening the muscularskeletal and nervous systems. We also use the most advanced techology in the field to help each patient get the most out of each visit. 

With the chiropractic adjustment process and the thoughtful advice we provide about nutrition, vitamin supplementation, exercise, gait analysis, and body mechanics our doctors will lower your level of stress and tension while attuning your body to its own powerful immune system - the natural way.

Do you deal with pain, discomfort, aches, numbness, compromised posture, decreased energy, unhealthy cravings, anxiety or trouble sleeping?  Chiropractic helps so many conditions because of its ability to trigger the powerful immune system within your body.  Instead of using medicine or surgery to cure a problem,chiropractic aims to cure the root of a symptom.  Instead of aiming to cure pain- chiropractic aims to get rid of the cause of the pain.  

It is also great preventative medicine.  Although many people approach chiropractic care as a solution to an imminent problem (i.e. severer back spasms), periodic or regular office visits and adjustments are highly recommended by doctors of chiropractic, famous athletes, celebrities and chiropractic patients all over the world.

For your health : It is the nature of our practice to provide quality care, giving insightful advice and assistance.  Our doctors wish to share their extensive knowledge about the human body with you to help you attain a healthier lifestyle and level of happiness.

Our Pro-Adjuster in Kingston is an advanced chiropractic technique that uses NASA technology.  Click on the link to learn more!

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Providing professional chiropractic care to Ulster County, Orange County, Dutchess County, Greene County, Columbia County, Sullivan County, and the entire Hudson Valley Region.

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